So What about Impatiens This Year?

Last summer customer after customer came in complaining about their Impatiens. A powdery mildew had spread under the plants’ leaves and they eventually died.

It was a water mold that moved quickly in wet summer conditions. It hit Long Island and Westchester in particular.

Since the mold’s spores survive for a long time, you can’t plant impatiens again this year. The good news is that the mold is specific to Impatiens Walleriana (or regular Impatiens) so other plants are not affected. That means you can plant other varieties like New Guinea impatiens and Double impatiens.

If you want to stay away from Impatiens altogether, you can use other shade-friendly alternatives like Begonias, Coleus, Caladium, Torenia, Scaveola and some Salvia.