The forsythia is the breath of spring as its bright yellow color livens up the somber winter landscape. A deciduous shrub that is easy to grow, the plant likes full sun. The forsythia is commonly used for decoration and privacy at landscape borders. It is also deer resistant.

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People love orchids.  The New York Botanical Garden’s current orchid show is a reflection of that sentiment.

Orchids are attractive indoor plants. They require bright but not direct light.

When watering your orchids, make sure not to over water. Too much water can cause the roots to rot and kill the plant. You can test for water by the weight. If the plant is heavy, it doesn’t need water. If it is light, it does.


It's Time for Pansies!

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If you’re tired of your bare garden, it’s time for pansies. Pansies are a popular flower for the transition from winter to spring since they can survive in the cool weather.

The pansy is a hybrid garden plant that comes from the viola family. The viola is one of few plants that can produce black flowers.

Pansies come in white, yellow, gold, orange, violets and maroons or a combination of colors. Their centers have faces, and these colorful faces brighten your garden in the early spring and into the late fall.

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Bulbs Are Springing Up

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You can see the crocuses breaking through, and tulips and daffodils will follow.

Once your bulbs have finished blooming and have faded, you will want to cut off the heads. When trimming back, make sure that you don’t cut the leaves. The leaves are important to the plant.

Photosynthesis occurs through the leaves. From there the plant gains the energy needed to flower again next spring. So let the leaves remain on the plant until they are yellow and dead.

After flowering ends, you can fertilize with a nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium mixture. We recommend that you leave the bulbs in the ground for next yearThen in the fall you may want to may want to augment your bulb growth by replacing those that don’t come back.

The Weasel

As spring approaches, it’s time to take out the garden tools and prepare your soil before you start planting. The garden weasel, a rotary cultivator, is used for garden bed maintenance. The weasel pulverizes or aerates the soil,  increasing air circulation for the roots. That means, it helps roots breathe so they can work more efficiently. That assists the plant’s growth.


Setting Up Shop

Watering cans

Time to Set Up Shop

As February blows in a wintery mix, we’re inside and setting up shop for the spring. We carry all gardening necessities that you'll want once the weather turns warm. From potting soil and seed to spades and hoses, you'll find them here.



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