English ivy

Japanese maple tree.

Greenhouse plantings

  • Annuals and perennials
  • Shrubs, B&B and container
  • Deciduous trees and evergreens
  • Fruits, vegetables and herbs

What characterizes our trees, shrubs and plants is the quality, value and consistency you get here at Gedney Farms Nursery.

As you walk through our nursery, you’ll see our range of trees: evergreens, shade trees, flowering trees and fruit trees from large specimens to mature trees for focal use. We also carry an enormous selection of shrubs and container shrubs from flowering to evergreen.

Springtime is for flowers. Come see our wide selection of annuals and perennials. And if it’s herbs, fruits or vegetables you’re looking for, we carry those seasonally.

At Christmastime, visit us to pick out your tree and decorations. Choose from our assortment of Fraser, Balsam, and firs. We also carry wreaths, roping and cemetery pieces.